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We ask that you donate your


We'd love for people to join
in and start conversations
about the implications of the
use of CBDC and Digital IDs not only individually but also together. 
Many people are unaware of what is currently being implemented on the
people and the loss of freedoms that come with it.
Take the time to
download the fliers offered below and help to make a change toward a future that still values every person's right to freedom, liberty, and privacy.

Get Involved by circulating these Downloads

CBDC Cash 4-Up Handout REVISED-crpmrks-1.tif

4-Up Flier

CBDC Cash 4-Up Handout (SPANISH).png

4-Up Flier

Download the flier.

Print out the flier front and back on your choice of colored paper at home or via a local printer. Keep a few in your wallet/purse along with cash/check. 
Support local businesses by spending cash and handing out the fli
er to the person working the cash register and asking, "Have you ever heard of a CBDC?" Continue with "It's part of a move to a cashless economy." then end the statement with "Here's a flier with more information about it that I'm trying to get onto people's radar. Thank you."  

CBDC Short Letter.png

Short Letter

CBDC Long Letter.png

Long Letter

Download the letters.
Feel free to edit the letters, writing them in your voice. Then send it to local, state, and national politicians of your choice. Physical copies via mail are preferred.
CBDC Letter to Editor.png

Download the letter.
Feel free to edit the letters, writing them in your voice. Then send it to editors of your local newspapers as a "Letter to the Editor."

Letter to Editor

CBDC Info FP Handout.png

FP Handout

CBDC Info FP Handout (SPANISH).png

FP Handout

Download the handout.
Print in color at home or via a local printer. Hand out to anyone in your family or community who may be interested in these issues.
Cust. Pricing Notice 6.5 x 8.5 '23.png

6.5 x 8.5

Cust. Pricing Notice 8.5 x 11 '23.png

8.5 x 11 

Download the Store Signage.
Print in color at home or via a local printer and put up in your business to show your preference for Cash Payments.
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